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Denver Air Conditioning Services

You air conditioner isn't so important... until you need it! We know how important your air conditioner is during the hot summer months.

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Regardless of whether you are looking to repair an existing AC unit or replace one, we can help!

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Million Air Mechanical offers a full service of air conditioner services from installation, repair and certification. Air conditioning is critical to any family or household and it can change your quality of life! Our energy efficient AC units will not only save you monthly on your utility bills but they are also very quiet giving you a more comforable home.

If you are looking at purchasing a brand new central air conditioner or replacing an existing AC unit, our technicians will be able to help you select the most efficient and affordable machine for your budget. A significant amount of time and research has gone into selecting the best manufacturers with the most dependability and of course affordable pricing.

Our techinicans are continously educated on all of our manufacturers products so that they can help you in selecting the best possible solution for our home's needs.

New Air Conditioners

A new air conditioner provides cooling for th entire house compared to an evaporative (swamp) cooler.  We offer a variety of models of AC units to fit any size home and budget.  We install all types of residential air conditioners in Denver.  Our customers are happy with our customer service and affordable prices.

Energy Star Air ConditionersWe sell and install a variety of ac units that are ENERGY STAR qualified which means they meet the U.S. EPA quidleines for energy efficiency. These units maximize living comfort while minimizing your energy costs.  By choosing an ENERGY STAR qualified air conditioner means you will save on your energy bill and will help protect the environment by reducing gas emissions.

"The only way to ensure that your new air conditioner performs at its rated efficiency is to replace your heating system at the same time. It’s especially recommended if your furnace is over 15 years old. If you purchase a new energy-efficient air conditioner but connect it to an older furnace and blower motor, your system will not perform to its rated efficiency." - Energy Star